Stefy De Cicco & Wasback (Ft. Sam Tinnesz) - Fences

Releasing on 19 Feb 2021 - Universal DE

Stefy De Cicco

Stefy De Cicco signed an exclusive contract with Universal at the start of the year, going on to deliver " Day ‘N’ Nite " with Martin Jensen , which already has well over 25 million streams, " Te Boté" with Alok and now "Kids" with KSHMR & MKLA.

The Italian production duo had been on the scene for over two decades, getting early kudos from David Guetta with their debut record ‘Keep On Jumpin’ and scoring frequent airtime on international radio, TV and in clubs across the globe ever since. In 2019 the Brazilian DJ Darliane Ferreira joined the pair and they began honing what they refer to as their “Brasilian Bass/SlapHouse” style.


The Italian producer has achieved something extraordinary at only 21 years old, being one of the most promising and talented individual in the progressive house and big room scene, he has already released music on some of the best international record labels, alongside with multiple top 5 spots on Beatport chart.

Wasback has changed his style and got out of progressive/bigroom, and will only be doing pop & commercial style music from now on, with more than 8 huge top-lines from the US lined up for the coming two years. Recent release 'TiKToK' certified 8 x platinum from RIAA and has sold more than 6.8 million copies in the US, which Wasback has made it into a 2021 version, slap-house cover. Self-releasing the track and has achieved more than 100k streams within a week, seems like fans are really liking his new style.

Sam Tinnesz

You have most likely heard the voice and music of Nashville based alternative artist Sam Tinnesz and not even known it. This is because his songs often find homes in the most widely viewed shows on television like Riverdale, All American, and World of Dance, in pro sports broadcasting like NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and UFC, and in national ads for companies such as Toyota, Samsung, Jeep, and Target, and many more.


From his exposure in TV and film, he has amassed an impressive fan base- rabid and waiting for the next musical offering. These fans have earned Sam massive streaming numbers like over 150 million streams on “Play With Fire," over 200k subscribers on YouTube and a monthly reach of over 2.4 million listeners on Spotify. Recent collab with Kygo in his latest album Golden Hour 'Dont Give Up On Love' has reached over 8 million streams, standing #4 most streamed track among the album.

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