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rBward (B-reward)

Earn points and turn them into rewards

  1. Sign Up

    • Sign up as a member to start enjoying the RMBA loyalty program 立即成為RMBA會員開始賺取和兌換rBward

  2. Earn Points

    • RSVP to an event

      Get 1 rBward

    • Buy a ticket 購買門票

      Get 2 rBward for every HK$1 spent

    • Sign up to the site 登記會員

      Get 100 rBward

  3. Redeem Rewards

    • HK$150 Voucher (Club)

      1,550 rBward = HK$150 off for all tickets

    • 10% off Next Event Ticket

      350 rBward = 10% off for all tickets

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